Official statement regarding LAAFF

Asheville’s festival, LAAFF, will not happen in 2013. We (the LAAFF Staff and Arts 2 People Board of Directors) will use the time between now & Labor Day weekend 2014 to put on LAAFF’s revival and resume celebrating the fascinating culture that exists in our city, Asheville, NC. We would like to thank everyone for their thoughts, considerations, efforts and collective involvement going into the planning of LAAFF this year, and for the past 11 years. Our community’s celebration will continue as we allow it the time to blossom and give Asheville the LAAFF it deserves.

LAAFF Revival will come to Lexington Avenue Labor Day Weekend 2014


Arieh Samson, LAAFF Director

The Board of Directors of Arts 2People

Paul Van Heden, President

Aaron Johnstone, Treasurer

Kitty Love, Secretary

Tracie Acreman

Robert “Roshon” Cray